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Adult Membership

Membership is required to take lessons and/or enjoy recreational sailing or kayaking. Challenge tests are available for skilled boaters.

  • Eligibility to take lessons or skills challenge test

  • FREE sailing/kayaking, Tuesday - Sunday

  • Season: May 27th - Sept 4th, 

    • Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 1-7pm.

    • Tuesday - Fridays 3-7 pm.

  • FREE use of 14’ 420 Dinghies, Lasers, & Sunfish or our Kayaks.

  • FREE guests as crew

  • No boat purchase, maintenance, storage, upkeep, or sailboat/kayak rental fees

Please Bring:

  • Good Health – Do not come if you are sick.

  • Lifejacket (Optional, Canal Dock Boathouse has a large supply)

  • Backpack or duffel (labeled with name)

  • Water bottle (filled with water)

  • Sunscreen 

  • Closed-toe shoes (no bare feet, flip-flops, or slides)

  • Retainer Straps for Glasses (Croakies ...)

COVID-19 Considerations

Our plan includes but is not limited to: maximizing time outdoors, restricting mixing of groups and visitors, small cohorts of students engaged in staggered, engaging outdoor activities.

Please share our many healthy, summer outdoor sailing and paddling membership and lesson opportunities with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues looking to get outside, have fun, and enjoy an Long Island Sound adventure right in your own backyard.

Recreational Sailing Benefits
  • One low price, unlimited use, guests FREE – what are you waiting for?

  • Newbies can sign-up for lessons. Old salts can take a challenge test.

  • Adults (age 18+) may sail alone or with friends (age 5+)

  • On-the water: 14’ 420HB Dinghies, Lasers, Sunfish & more…

  • Prerequisite: Beginner Sailing I or Challenge Test, Age 18+

  • Goal: Affordable recreational sailing

  • Fee: No boat rental fees.

Recreational Kayaking Benefits

The simplicity of kayaking as an entry-level sport for anyone makes it attractive to get outside, get moving, and embrace a healthy lifestyle. FREE recreational kayaking is included with adult memberships! Paddle one day as a trial/guest member, or all season, + 1 FREE guest!

  • We want you to paddle with a friend, so you get up to 2 kayaks/ trip

  • On-the water: Sit-on-top single & double kayaks

  • Prerequisite: Challenge Test, Age 18+

  • Goal: Affordable recreational paddling

  • Fee: No boat rental fees

Adult Memberships

Trial/Guest— $75 – Register Now.
1 -day sailing, or up to 2 kayaks/day

Individual Membership 2023 Year— $295 – Register Now.
1 adult. (Bring your guests recreational sailing or kayaking with you for FREE)

Founders Membership 2023 Year-- $595 -- Register Now.

1 Adult. Our way of asking for a donation for folks that can afford to give more. $300 of the Founders Membership is a tax deductible donation to Sail Haven/Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc.

Prefer paper? Download our application package (Also coming very soon!!!)

Challenge Tests

All members must pass an on the water skills test to sail or paddle each type of boat you wish to sail. Students will be evaluated in class.

  • On-the water, boat of your choice.

  • Prerequisite: Sail Haven Trial or Full Membership, Proficiency (pre-screening evaluation given)

  • Course goal: Quick check-out for experienced sailors.

  • Course fee: FREE quick check-out for experienced boaters.

Once you are a member,

you may now begin to use our facility by following the steps below:

  • Lessons - You may now register for sailing or kayaking lessons.

  • Check Out

    • Challenge tests for qualified boaters are given daily by our dock staff.

    • Beginners can get qualified by taking lessons.

  • Fee Free

    • No rental fees.

    • Sail/kayak all season for one low membership price.

  • Friends Free - Bring friends or family (age 5+) Sailing/Kayaking free (or go it alone).

  • Hours - Check our website for our hours of operation.

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