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Adult Rating  System

Adult Rating System Sail Haven has developed a rating system to ensure that each member participating in recreational boating is qualified to handle the appropriate boat and weather conditions commensurate with his/her sailing experience. Sail Haven uses on-the-water check-out/Challenge tests and a visual, green/ red flag system to indicate daily sailing and paddling conditions on the water.

Sail Haven Adult Sailing Skill Levels

Our standardized skill levels ensure that you get the most from your sailing experience. Sail Haven instructors will evaluate your skill level and help refine your personal sailing plan. Once confident and capable in skills required of each category, you will be recommended to advance to the next level.

Level 1 — Green, Beginner

Our “green” beginners respect the power of the wind and know the basic skills of sailing. This level requires proficiency in safety, seamanship and boat handling in winds to 6 knots velocity. Students must demonstrate skills in nomenclature, rigging, sail handling, and steering a course. The approved sailing area is the “1.5 Mile Area”.


Level 2 — Blue, Intermediate

Intermediate sailors have a deep respect for the ocean blue. They have reinforced basics and continue to master the skills of upwind sailing, proper docking and sailing a triangular course. Includes special privileges required for extended range sailing at NHCS. The approved sailing area is the “1.5 Mile Area”.


Level 3 — Yellow, Advanced

Advanced Sail Haven sailors focus on sailing theory, advanced trim, docking and safety techniques on performance sailboats designed to challenge even the most advanced sailing appetite. This higher learning achievement offers the coveted privilege to sail NHCS performance sailboats. The approved sailing area is the “3 Mile Area”.


Level 4 — Orange, Instructor Assistant

Teaching is the ultimate way to give back to the sport. Sailing is for all kinds of people, not just racers. Those who share their passion for wind and sea and master the mechanics of a complex sailing vessel are rewarded with a new sense of self worth and pride in accomplishment. The approved sailing area is the “3 Mile Area”.


Level 5 — Red, Racer

Friendly, fun, and fast racing is the best way to advance boat-handling skills and learn from others. Racers can demonstrate starts, tactical tips, and winning strategies to relish competitive sailing as a lifelong interest. The approved sailing area is the “3 Mile Area”.


The Green/ Red Flag System

A green flag indicates that no restrictions are present and that members may sail or paddle according to the level and boat they have previously qualified in.

A red flag indicates that there are restrictions currently present due to weather or equipment limitations.


Each member must check the posted restrictions prior to sailing or paddling. Less experienced members may not be permitted to sail or paddle on some red flag days. Common restrictions include cancellation due to high wind or waves, or limits to the open boating area due to weather or boat traffic. Please understand that these restrictions are designed for your safety. If you have questions, please ask the dock staff how to best enjoy your next experience. We want you on the water as much as you want to be there!

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