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Sail Haven's Plan

    • Phase I  - 2023 The Pilot Program!

      • Sailing Lessons.

      • Affordable Access – Sailboat usage to experienced members (having passed a course or test).

        • Four weekdays per week 3-7pm (closed Mondays).

        • Weekends, 1-7pm.

      • Membership limited: 100-150 members – no more for the pilot season.

      • Sailing events

        • Sailing with instructors or mentors.

        • Racing evenings.

        • Group expeditions. Sailing to destinations like Lighthouse Point, Round the Break Waters, to the Sand Spit/West Haven Beach.

      • Boats: Dolly launched off of rowing dock.

      • Pilot a larger daysailor program with one to five 17-18’ daysailors on moorings.

    • Phase 2 – 2024 – Go Big!

      • Larger membership. 200+ members.

      • More hours of Affordable Access Sailing.

      • Boats: Continue with the dolly launched fleet and add a fleet (10?) of 17-18’ daysailors on moorings. (assuming Pilot program was successful).

    • Phase 3 – 2025? Additional Programs

      • Youth Membership, and/or Youth Activities.

      • Partnerships with New Haven Youth Organizations to bring their kids and counselors to the boathouse for Boating Experiences and Lessons, and Marine Environmental Education.

      • Adaptive Sailing.

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