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New Haven Community Sailing


at the Canal Dock Boathouse

Learn to sail with Sail Haven at the Canal Dock Boathouse in New Haven, CT.

Adult sailing lessons and sailing instruction, & Kayaking.

Making Sailing Accessible in New Haven

In communities across the country, non-profit, public access sailing programs are making learning to sail and recreational boating affordable and accessible to ordinary folk.

Several years ago, it struck a group of local sailors that the residents of the New Haven area should have access to a community boating program. As a result the Sail Haven Program at New Haven's Canal Dock Boathouse is opening this summer, May 2023, with a fleet of boats, maintained by volunteers and a small staff of professional Instructors and Dock Masters.

Today, the Canal Dock Boathouse, and dedicated members and volunteers, positions Sail Haven and the Canal Dock Boathouse as an integral component to the success and growth of New Haven Harbor’s waterfront revival.

Founded as a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, Canal Dock Boathouse  offers a variety of opportunities that allow the general public to experience the thrill of sailing, paddling and rowing on the New Haven Harbor and the Long Island Sound.

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