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Sail Haven's Fleet

Our Fleet is a work in progress. 


Our current fleet consists of a broad range of boats designed to make sailing and boating fun and affordable for our varied instructional classes and membership interests. Sail Haven instructors will evaluate the skills and experience of each student, considering factors like size and agility, in determining which boat and group is most appropriate for you.


Sail Haven instructors typically teach onboard beginner boats until the students have progressed to a point where the instructor can teach from a safety/powerboat. Advanced classes allow instructors to encourage sailing independence by teaching from safety/powerboats almost exclusively.

If you would like to donate a boat to Sail Haven and the Canal Dock Boathouse, please contact the Director at . Boats on our list are always needed and welcome!


Our new single and double sit-on-top kayaks offer great stability, ease of use, and minimal training to get you or your family out on the water fast. With no enclosed cockpit, paddlers do not need to learn the “Eskimo roll” or worry about pumping out accumulated water after an accidental flip. Sit-on-tops are the preferred choice of beginner paddling programs.

420HB (High Boom) Dinghies

The 420 is extremely  popular small boat for youth programs and college racing programs. Sail Haven has modified the basic 420 by raising the boom 7". The change in height of the boom drastically reduces the chance of being hit by the boom, making the 420HB an ideal boat for beginners and less experience sailors.


The Sunfish was the most popular boat world wide for many decades. Easy to sail, easy to rig, can be sailed with two folks aboard, the sunfish is very fun and uncomplicated. The sunfish is the boat that most people learned to in.

Laser & Laser Radial

The 14’ Laser is the most popular single-handed, one-design dinghy. The Laser class was built on the philosophy that the sailor wins the race, not the boat. The Laser Radial is the perfect boat for smaller sailors who don’t quite have the size to handle a full Laser rig. The Radial uses a standard Laser hull and blades, but a smaller sail.



Sail Haven is working hard to introduce 17 or 18 foot Daysailors to our fleet. Many boats qualify as daysailors, but our requirements are a large cockpit with seats, and a Centerboard (no keel). New Haven harbor has many shallow areas, especially at low tide. Sail Haven would really like to provide boats that the sailors can free themselves from "finding the bottom" with out help. 


Sail Haven is bringing in several different kinds of boats for the 2023 season that meet our requirements, to see which types work the best in our harbor. We will be announcing the boats as available for use once we have them set up and operational.

Currently Sail Haven has the following Daysailors:

  • American 18 

  • Vanguard Nomad 17'

  • Mariner 19'

  • Flying Scott 18'

  • Flying Scott 18'

Misc. Fleet – Diverse, Donated Fleet

Sail Haven and The Canal Dock Boathouse continually updates our fleet. Boat donations or donations to buy boats to Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc's 501(c)3 non-profit program are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law. Please contact us at  if you are interested in donating a boat to Sail Haven/Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc.

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